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Things to do before Memorial Day

I offer a mid-week blog entry, a nuts and bolts edition to make sure your campaign isn’t caught flat-footed at the last minute. With school vacations starting in just more than a month we know that many church committees will soon be…

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I’ll have the evangelism, hold the gravy

In this forum, the topic is often money.  Without money there is no mission.  But what happens when money gets in the way of mission? My friend David Scavuzzo seems to hate Swiss steak dinners.  Maybe he doesn’t hate the…

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An update for the old Pony Express

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a stewardship chair quite like the phrase “Pony Express.”  The once popular stewardship program is now distinctly out of style.  It worked kind of like several concurrent chain letters that would be delivered…

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Your Easter Message (not the one in the sermon)

Most ministers would tell you that there are three high holy days on the calendar when they expect their sanctuaries to be more full than usual: Christmas Eve, Easter and Mother’s Day. What message do you send to visitors on…

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Don’t Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

At the Learning to Turn our Cups Over seminar on Saturday Reverend David Bell offered many wonderful challenges and insights.  One of them in particular really resonated with me.  He pointed out that if people make donations to help people,…

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The push or pull of change

I heard someone talk about change last week. He asserted that change happens for one of two reasons. It is either pushed by fear or pulled by vision. In terms of church finances there has been very little “business as…

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